JDHA is well versed in the design, implementation and analysis of a wide variety of survey instruments.  Typically, surveys that we conduct on behalf of clients are intended to measure perceptions, attitudes and opinions related to the following:
  • Employee satisfaction and morale.
  • The leadership/management team (i.e. performance and effectiveness).
  • Client or customer satisfaction, expectations, recommendations, etc.
  • Supplier-related issues (cost, quality, etc.).
  • Environmental or industry-wide issues, opportunities and challenges (i.e. benchmarking of competitors).

We have the in-house capabilities and expertise to complete all aspects of the survey process; from initial design through compilation of final results.  Additionally, the use of an independent and objective “third” party to conduct the survey usually leads to more valuable or candid feedback and a higher overall response rate.

“Perceptions, attitudes and opinions."